Halsey Burgund | Hotel Dreamy

I’ve been very interested and excited about dreams lately. Hotel Dreamy is a part of a larger series of installations that will take on different forms, but which will all involve recollections of dreams in one way or another.

I am fascinated by what happens in people’s subconscious and I wanted to create a space where dreams – typically totally isolated from each other – can come together and hang-out, in a sense.  Participants can “, contribute them to the piece and listen to their dreams co-exist with those of all other participants in an evolving musical collage.

The initial life of Hotel Dreamy was as a part of the ” in San Diego. The intention was for it to provide a slightly different way for attendees to interact with each other.

Hotel Dreamy has subsequently gone on to be a part of the group show ” in NYC as well as a part of the Deep Listening Institute’s “.  We performed an arrangement of Hotel Dreamy at the 20th Anniversary celebration for ThinkPad at the ” in NYC as well.

And most recently, Hotel Dreamy was a part of a group exhibition at the American University Museum in Washington, DC called “. This show was reviewed in the ” among other publications.

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Special Thanks

To Nancy Proctor and everyone at ” for commissioning this piece.

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