Boston event planner | julie buckley

“There are no words to thank you enough for what you did…..loved your personality, the ability to joke with you, and, of course, Chloe.”

Julie Buckley (known as Jules to her friends) is the owner of magenta. A native of England, as a Boston event planner she has been planning events in the UK and Boston for over 10 years. She spent six of those years working with one of Boston’s leading destination management companies where she refined her event planning and production skills.

Jules’ attention to detail and dedication to providing clients with what they really want have given her a reputation for perfectly planned and executed events. Her portfolio includes a vast array of events of all types and sizes in the corporate, nonprofit and social sectors. She has acquired invaluable knowledge of local venues and developed relationships with some of the best vendors in the business. Whether she is planning an elegant dinner, backyard BBQ, or multi-day event, Jules keeps a close eye on budgets, focuses on all of the details, and manages the logistics with confidence. All this is done with a calm demeanor and sense of humor which quickly puts clients at ease. A background in the travel industry in the UK and business management for a Boston nonprofit adds to Jules’ professional experience.

Jules has a passion for travel and finds inspiration in different cultures, styles and personal adventures. She lives with her husband, Tim, and her chocolate lab, Chloe. They all enjoy sailing, walking, and relaxing with friends and a glass of wine (or bowl of water).

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