Banner advertising for your website




Advertings has many features and is very easy to adapt to your web site. You can

easily rotate your paid ad banners.


on to find out more about what Banner Advertings has to offer:

  • Easily

    rotate your paid advert banners

  • Save

    money by moving away from expensive ad delivery services

  • Code

    Generator allows you to easily generate code to display your advert banners in

    HTML, SSI, Perl, and PHP formats

  • Serves

    banners to remote web sites

  • Rich

    Media and Standard ad banners can be displayed with or without SSI

  • Advanced

    Account and Banner double weighting system

  • Powerful

    reporting and real time statistics for clients

  • Easy

    to use Web-based Administration. See the Live Demo

  • Keyword

    support for integration with your search engine

  • Advanced

    anti-caching for extremely accurate impression counts

  • Campaign

    support will evenly distribute a set amount of impressions between start and stop


  • Schedule

    your ad banners by start and stop dates, days of week, and even hours of day

  • Groups

    and Regions allow you to group your banners together into different categories,

    web pages, or web sites

  • Supports

    alt text, target frame, mouseover, and mouseout parameters for banner images

  • Fast

    SQL database system currently compatible with only MySQL

  • Target

    your banners to host domains (country targeting), specific web browsers, and even

    different operating systems IP tracking is supported for increased security and

    accurate click-through counts

  • No-repeat

    filter for showing multiple banners on the same page without showing the same

    banner twice

  • Default/Panic

    image for every region in case all of the banners in a region should expire or

    be disabled


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