Soma matha

Is a traditional Hindu Parampara (Lineage) started in USA by the Lord Dakshinamurti, himself.  Led by Shri Paramahamsa Gananathamritanandaswami, this Sampradaya works to preserve the traditions and shakti of the Sanatana dharma, by teaching the mystical sciences of veda, puja, yajnam, mantra, yantra, yoga, ayurveda, jyotisha, and vaastu shastra.  The devotees are working diligently to prepare and circulate authentic and accurate information about the practices, beliefs, and history of the Sanatana Dharma.  Particular emphasis is being placed on providing guidance and teachings for the Indian immigrants in the Western countries.  It is very important to help the Hindu communities to educate the second generation of Hindus in the West.  The Sampradaya is working also to help empower the many Sacred Temples springing up all over the Western Countries.  Work is being done to build dozens of Mandirams (Temples) in the West and in Mother India.  Four Maths (Monasteries) are being planned for USA to house sannyasis and saadhvis.  Work is beings done to teach vedas and traditional rites like the Sandhya Vandanam, Nitya Pujas, and the Shodasha Samskaram for devotees.  There are plans to build a traditonal Vedashala (Hindu Seminary) in USA for the purposes of training purohits (priests).  The humble efforts of the devotees of the Shukla Bhadra Sampradaya are offered at the feet of the formless Lord and Guru, Dakshinamurti.  

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