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Shamanic psychoTherapist school

Shamanic Psychotherapy is one of the most inclusive approaches in the art of self-transformation. It combines the ancient ways of healing with and through Spirit, with conscious exploration of the body / psyche, focusing on embodiment. It can take one into intense life changing process and deep spiritual connection. Shamanic Psychotherapy is rooted in a passionate love for the Divine Mystery, the Earth and Human journey.

It is our belief that to be fully present to a client, a therapist needs to do her/his own personal and spiritual work. SomaSoul Dynamics Institute offers a training program in Shamanic Psychotherapy that includes intensive personal & spiritual work as well as extensive study on methodologies, hands on experiential psychotherapy and shamanistic practices.

This program has characteristics of training, and also follows the ancient model of shaman’s apprenticeship, where one learns through example, oral tradition and living experience.

Our purpose is to refine the ability to be heart present, focused, creating safety for oneself and others, and trusting Spirit. It is also to give enough experience and tools for the students to develop their own signature as Shamanic Psychotherapist. For this reason, each student will be given individual attention and encouragement of one’s own natural gifts. Classes will have a maximum number of 20 participants.

Who will benefit? Those who are looking to become Shamanic Psychotherapist;; those wishing to develop and strengthen their therapy skills encompassing a strong spiritual/shamanistic base; or those desiring to deepen their own personal and spiritual journey of healing and growth. It is also a complementary course for counselors, therapists, social workers, care givers and nurses.

The Program includes class attendance; home assignments – independent studies; reading assignments, spiritual practice; personal psychotherapy process; clinical practice; supervision and case study.

During the two first years students will work intensely on their own emotional / spiritual clearing and growth as well as facilitating each other’s processes. The third year is dedicated to clinical practice and supervision, group leadership skills and refinement of the therapist’s main gifts to create their own signature as Shamanic Psychotherapist.

The program runs on 4-day residential intensive modules out of town. There are 7 modules per year. The program starts in October and runs until June or early July.

All modules are held at Northern Light Center, in Collingwood countryside for 4 consecutive days. The last module of the year lasts 5 days and includes a sweat lodge.

Tuition : includes accommodation at the Northern Light Center and course materials. It does not include meals which are provided by participants in a communitarian way. Books and travel costs are individual expenses.

$3.500.00/ per year. (GST included)

  • Payments can be arranged in installments up to twelve months.
  • Registration requires complete application, interview and a non-refundable deposit of $260.00
  • Non-regular students will pay per module: A 4-day workshop is $625.00. A 5-day workshop is $730.00 (All GST included)

Areas of Study and curriculum breakdown

General Psychotherapy and counseling skills . Total 200 hours

  • Overview History of Psychotherapy – 4 hours
  • Childhood development; attachment, character structure, family systems – 24 hours
  • Listening and Body language – verbal and non-verbal communication 8 hours
  • Therapist- client alliance – 4 hours
  • Jung psychology (Total of 60 hours):
    • Ego –Self Axis , Shadow, Parts of self 15 hrs
    • Dreams, symbols and Archetypes 32 hours
    • Transference, counter transference and therapeutic boundaries 10 hrs
  • Emotions in Therapy – Emotion Patterns 8 hours
  • Focusing, the art of asking questions, voice dialogue, guided imagery – 10 hrs
  • Relationship counseling and communication dynamics 8 hours
  • Group work/ group psychotherapy – 50 hrs
  • Comparative psychotherapy 4 hours
  • Contemporary ideas in psychotherapy – 4 hours
  • Psychotherapeutic assessment and analysis : Inquire, Intake, Psychotherapeutic assessment, treatment plan and case report – 6 hours
  • Psychopathology and intro to psychopharmacology – 6 hours
  • Ethics in professional Psychotherapy practice – 4 hrs

Shamanic Psychotherapy Total 400 hours:

  • Body-centered Psychotherapy – Body/ mind energy work, Bioenergetics, Breathwork and Embodiment (Dr, Cliff Ford, Stanley kelleman, Peter Lavine, Groff and others) – 90 hours
  • Shamanic practices in psychotherapy – Accessing Intuition, rituals for healing, ceremonies, drumming, journeys, sweat lodge, power animals, spiritual guidance, crystal’s healing, resonating with Spiritual energies, working with Spiritual Presences. 80H
  • Soul medicine – retrieval of lost parts, Soul Retrieval, healing sub-personalities, Entity Release, Shamanic clearing; extractions clearing ancestors’ patterns; 120 hours
  • Trance states in Psychotherapy – Hypnotic states, Shamanistic states, and other ways of accessing inner resources to facilitate the therapeutic process. 24 hours
  • Regression Therapy – hypnotic, non- hypnotic, spontaneous and shamanistic regression to heal and retrieve empowerment. 30 hours
  • Expressive Arts Therapy – Using creative resources to facilitate healing and integration: visual expressive arts (drawing, painting collage, clay), Sandplay Therapy, Movement therapy, Sound therapy and role-playing. 32 hours
  • Energy Healing – hands on healing to clear or activate energies in the body and energy field; the art of touch, Intro to Energy psychology 8 hours
  • Supporting the process with Yoga Therapy, Flower Essences and other Medicine Plants 8 hrs
  • Putting every thing together 8 hours

Clinical Practice: Total 285 hours

  • Supervision client – contact sessions – 150 hours
  • Group Supervision: 70 hours
  • Individual supervision: 30 hours
  • Live supervision 10 hours
  • Professional development – presentation and co-facilitating workshops/groups – 35 hours

Personal psychotherapy – 100 hours

Program Total hours: 985 hours plus home assignments.

Body-emotional- spiritual healing such as:

  • Shadow work
  • Inner child work
  • Healing Shame, becoming confident
  • Embodiment
  • Personal boundaries
  • Healing sub-personalities, achieving wholeness
  • Clearing parental and ancestors patterns
  • Emotional release and Spirit release
  • Healing trauma – physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Developing trust and taking risk
  • Following intuition
  • Transforming belief systems
  • The art of letting go and letting in
  • Death and rebirth
  • Balancing Divine will and personal will
  • Developing a Spiritual Practice

Professional skills:

  • Empathic listening and focusing
  • Being heart present
  • Creating safety for the client
  • The art of asking questions
  • Client and therapist relationship
  • Boundaries
  • Identifying introjections, projections and transferences and counter transferences
  • Understanding and holding the therapeutic process
  • Communicating with the unconscious
  • Holding the ground for an emotional release
  • Dealing with trauma survivors – physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety, shame, and other disturbances
  • How to keep grounded, centered and energetically clear
  • Using spiritual resources and trusting intuition
  • How to deal with Spiritual emergency, Kundalini awakening and Dark night of the soul
  • Discerning when to intervene and when to let the client lead the process
  • Identification and evaluation of core issues
  • Assessment and treatment plan
  • Ethics
  • Managing your practice

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