Alimta: Associated Side Effects

Alimta is one of the key medications administered in combination with other drugs for the effective control of a malignant form of cancer. According to the facts put forth by the PMPRB or the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, the introductory price of Alimta was found to be within the guidelines extended by them only because Canadian drug stores were successful in maintaining the prices at the same level as compared to other countries that were also selling the drug. Therefore, Canadian drug prices have a huge role to play in the overall price regulation of life saving medications such as these.

Alimta is also associated with several side effects, which patients need to be aware of, prior to consumption. The side effects can be classified into the common ones, which can be taken in one’s stride, and the serious ones, which warrant immediate medical attention. The normal side effects of Alimta might include common symptoms like feeling too tired or noticeable redness at the injection site. Others might include diarrhoea, nausea (which can sometimes result in vomiting), mouth ulcers, hair loss and even loss of appetite to a certain extent.

Alimta: Side Effects You Should Be Aware of

Besides the common side effects, Alimta is often associated with severe after effects with continual usage. Some such effects include:The first and probably most visually obvious effect could be severe allergic reactions. These can manifest in the form of skin eruptions, like rashes and hives. There could also be swelling of the face, tongue or lips, a feeling of tightness in the chest, breathing difficulties and the like. The patient should seek immediate medical attention on the occurrence of such symptoms.Other potentially serious side effects may occur in the form of high fever, sore throat, chills, persistent cough, etc. These flu-like symptoms might assume mammoth proportions if not attended to in time.If you have exceptional trouble in swallowing food, this could also be one of the side effects associated with this drug.Sometimes, you might notice unusual bleeding and peeling of the skin. This too could be due to the adverse impact of Alimta on your system. Seek immediate medical attention to combat such conditions.This cancer limiting drug can also leave significant impacts on your mental health. Some common side effects pertaining to the mental health include violent mood swings and mental changes, which cannot be logically explained. If such signs do appear, you need to start being a little cautious and continue to monitor the condition of the patient for distinct trends.Severe stomach pain could also be one of the more serious after effects of this drug. This could be extreme to the point of being unbearable.Urine retention or decrease in urine volume has also been associated with the continued use of this drug.Although these are the most common effects reported, this is by no means an exhaustive list of side effects that might occur due to consumption of Alimta. Case specific side effects might also occur.

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