A Few Very Important Benefits of Green Tea

Numerous green tea benefits are enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day. Tea itself was first cultivated in ancient China and India. In this day and age it is the second most popular beverage next to water. However, green tea benefits have been more recently discovered, making it an enjoyable drink as well as a health tonic.

Traditional Medicine

The health benefits of green tea are so accepted that it is used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine even today. The tea is used as a diuretic to promote urination, a stimulant and as an astringent to control bleeding and to aid in wound healing. It is also used as traditional medicine in these countries to regulate body temperature, to treat gas and indigestion and to improve mental function.

How Green Tea Benefits Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a health condition where fatty material builds up along the artery walls. This material can become thick and form calcium deposits that eventually cause blocked arteries. Of the many green tea benefits that have been discovered, clinical studies have shown that its antioxidant properties can prevent this condition. The study was conducted by comparing groups of people from different cultures over time. Despite these promising study results, researchers were unsuccessful in their petition for the FDA to allow wording on green tea labels that would indicate it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cancer Studies

There have been studies that indicate that green tea benefits may reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, the studies revealed that cancer rates do tend to be less in countries where people drink green tea on a regular basis. While by no means conclusive, various studies indicate that green tea may be helpful in prevention of the following types of cancer:

* Stomach cancer
* Lung cancer
* Skin cancer
* Ovarian cancer
* Colorectal cancer

While this list does not include all of the cancer that green tea benefits, the reasons for their effectiveness lies the properties that green tea contains. One component, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has been shown to prevent cancer cell growth.

Green Tea Benefits Diabetes

The affect that green tea has in controlling blood sugar is very widely known. In some animal studies, indications are that it prevents type 1 diabetes from developing and slows the process of diabetes that is already present. In humans, green tea seems to help regulate the glucose in the body and lower the A1c, a test to determine blood sugar levels over a period of time, in people who have borderline diabetes.

Other Green Tea Benefits

Research is continuing to be conducted regarding the benefits of green tea. Some studies also suggest it is helpful for the following conditions:
* Liver disease
* Inflammatory Bowel Disease
* High cholesterol
* Weight loss
* Arthritis

New green tea benefits are being discovered every year. Its antioxidant properties have shown promise to help prevent and stop tooth decay. The chemicals it contains suggest that it can be an effective treatment for genital warts, colds and flu. Some people believe that green tea can actually reduce the risks of all cause mortality.

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