For you to stay up late to bring harm

Scientific research shows that: the human body biological clock can enable people to follow the law of nature: sunrise, sunset. However, with the accelerating pace of modern life, stay up seems to be homely food, this kind of break the clock behavior, will bring a lot of harm to health. Often stay up late can cause a decline in immune function, the cause or aggravate insomnia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular disease, a health hazard, and even life-threatening.

Stay up late can induce diabetes

To have a family history of diabetes who stay up late, tends to increase the risk of diabetes. This is because many others, having a family history of diabetes. The existence of certain disease cause, if the conditions are right, just like the seed in the encounter with the appropriate environment, will soon germinate.

Countermeasures: if long-term stay up all night, the spirit of continuous in the “stress ” state for more than three months, to put a ” spirit of false “. In addition, in maintaining a normal body weight, away from the stress of life at the same time, must foster the good habits and customs, including sleep regularity, working regularly, regular diet, exercise regularly, keep the body in a regular state, thereby away from diabetes.

Induce and aggravate hypertension

Studies have shown that, the long-term lack of sleep is an important pathogenic factors of hypertension. The maximum pressure in young people, the average hours of nightly sleep less than 6 hours of people suffering from hypertension than sleep enough people more than twice as high, even if will be obese and diabetic factors into account, the lack of sleep and is still an important link between hypertension.

Countermeasures: hypertensive patients must pay attention to quality of sleep, usually should avoid, especially unstable blood pressure of patients and elderly patients with hypertension, should avoid induced cerebrovascular accident and other serious conditions.

Fatigue, decreased immunity

Stay up late on the body caused by a variety of damage, the most common is that people often fatigue, dizziness, decreased immunity, so that the human body is in serious sub-health state, colds and other respiratory diseases such as gastroenteritis, disease of the digestive tract will seek to come. This is mainly because the late at night when people’s normal physiological cycle is destroyed, the body’s normal ” response ” system was destroyed.

Measures: the establishment of a regular schedule, if the work had to stay up all night, then the middle also should take some time off. In addition, may be appropriate to add nutrition, stay up late vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E demand will increase, should eat more whole grains, animal liver, lean meat, beans and fresh vegetable & fruit etc..

Memory loss, headaches and insomnia

The sympathetic nerve should be at night, daytime excited, so as to support a day of work, and those who stay up late at night the sympathetic is excited. Stay up all night after the very next day by day, sympathetic nerve is difficult to fully excited, so that people in the daytime without spirit, dizziness, loss of memory, concentration, unresponsive, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache and so on. For a long time, still can appear neurasthenia, insomnia and other problems.

Countermeasures: after staying up late is the best protection is ” lost sleep back “. As to do so, midday nap is also very useful. In addition, more outdoor sports, but also get rid of after staying up weak good way.

Decreased visual acuity, dry eye

Stay up late on the eye injury can not just ” panda eyes ” so simple. Overload for a long time with eyes, the eyes will present with pain, dry wait for a problem, even for people suffering from dry eye. In addition, eye fatigue will cause temporary vision loss. Long-term Aoye caused by overwork may also induce central retinitis, make the person appears blurred vision, central vision field dark, twisted, deformation, narrow vision, visual color change and other issues, leading to vision drop.

Countermeasures: stay up late with eye more, preferably every hour to rest for about 15 minutes. Can choose to overlook, doing eye exercises etc.. Late at night when the brain oxygen demand will increase, should let the indoor air circulation, and has certain humidity, may from time to time to take a deep breath.

The appearance of wrinkles, dark skin

In general, the skin at 10 pm to 2 am the next day into night and maintenance status. If long time stay up late, will affect the endocrine, resulting in the loss of skin moisture, easily lead to the appearance of wrinkles, dark skin, black eye problem such as accentuation.

Countermeasures: dinner should eat more vegetables, fruit, fish, light, can eliminate black rim of the eye, the skin white and ruddy. Eat spicy food and alcohol, do not smoke.

Induced cancer, accelerated aging

Medical research that, late at night than in the normal people more vulnerable to attack by cancer, pancreas cancer as an example, the high incidence of ordinary people more than 3 times. The night is the in vivo cell fission peak, if not good sleep or not to sleep, the body is very difficult to control cell fission, thus leading to cancer cell. Medical research also found that, the human body is a kind of special phenomenon: in vivo of certain hormones only in sleep before it, they could not only promote the growth of the teenagers, but also can make the elderly in aging.

Countermeasures: when after staying up too much psychological pressure, to give yourself a break, and more to outdoor activities. Staying up late every time, on the immunity of the human body is a blow. Therefore, whether it is night life is good, or to do other work, should not overdo sth., as little as possible late at night.

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