Vital Information You Need To Know About Prostate Cancer

When people discover that they or their family members are suffering from any type of cancer, they immediately start to get discouraged and feel as if death is just round the corner. As much as the possibility of death in a cancer patient are high especially is control measures are ignored, owing to the incurable nature of the disease, knowing about cancer and discovering ways that someone can live with it can help an individual to live a long and comfortable life. Here is some useful information about prostate cancer, information that if put in good use, can help an individual to get proper treatment and cure, especially if it is detected in its early stages.

Definition and detection

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that is found in males, and develops on the prostate’s tissues. This is a gland found in the reproductive system of a man, below his bladder. This type of cancer is very common in older men, though this does not mean younger men cannot get it.

This type of cancer does not have early warning symptoms, and a man can know that he has it when he discovers a tumour in his prostate, which will result into swelling of the gland. However, if a doctor is able to detect the cancer in its initial stages, there is hope for complete elimination of the cancer, and thus an increase in survival chances for an individual. Early detection has saved numerous lives around the world, which is why men are requested to go for check-ups even when they do not feel as if there is a tumour growing.

When to visit the doctor

If you have never been to a check-up and you discover that you are going through any of the following conditions, it is in order to call the doctor, probably you will find the cancer in its early stages and get rid of it:

Problems during urination – When a man discovers that he is experiencing some pain during urination, then he is best advised to call a doctor, since the doctor is able to tell whether the pain is resulting from the swollen prostate gland, or if there is a different cause for the pain.
Pain – If you experience chronic pain in the upper thighbones, the lower back, the pelvis, or any other bones, call the doctor. When prostate cancer is spreading, these are some of the first areas to be affected, and thus these can be a sign that it is present in the body.
Weight loss – There are numerous reasons that can lead to a man losing a lot of weight over a short period, one of which being that he is suffering from this type of cancer. If you cannot quite explain why you are losing so much weight, and the above symptoms are also present, then go to the doctor at once.
Weak legs – If you discover that your legs keep swelling, and face numerous challenges walking, due to a feeling of weakness or pain, then you need to be checked for prostate cancer. This is a very common case especially when the man is experiencing the weakness, coupled with constipation.

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