Reasons To Quit Smoking – Condition Yourself To Quit Smoking

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If you are a smoker then you will want to know a number of the reasons to give up smoking. This will help you to make the decision to quit smoking and will strengthen your resolve when the inevitable withdrawal discomforts occur. Only by knowing why you are doing something will you have the will power to follow through and finally stop smoking for good. So here’s a number of the main reasons to give up smoking.

You could describe the first reasons as reasonably superficial but they still change how you are feeling about yourself plus your self esteem.

Smoking stains your teeth and can give you bad breath. It might seem shallow or vain but nearly all people desire a white smile (or certainly not an unsightly looking set of yellow teeth). In addition they don’t want to have to be eating gum or taking breath freshener on every occasion they have a cigarette either.

Cigarettes will give you smokers smell. Your hair and body may have that distinctive aroma that marks you out as a smoker. Your outfits can even smell of it.

One more factor that may not be that important is the price tag on cigarettes. They have been increasing considerably over the years. Anybody with a smoking habit can look forward to spend thousands each year to keep it going. Plus this price will only go up as governments see further taxes on cigarettes as one way to shape anti smoking policy.

On a more stern note, most research agrees that smoking is harmful to your healthiness. As an example, that shortness of breath that you have when you go for a run could possibly be the initial signs of emphysema. Emphysema destroys the lungs slowly to start with and picks up pace as it gets more advanced.

Smoking may also result in lung cancer, where carcinogens inhaled from cigarette smoke create tumors. The tumors grow inside passage ways in the lungs or throat blocking breathing. Aggressive lung cancers can fully destroy the lungs.

You can find a host of other medical problems that are thought to be brought about or made worse by smoking. Many of these conditions are life threatening problems.

And at the end of the day, the final reason you should desire to give up smoking is for all your family and friends. For people with children or grand children, you will want to see them grow and share in the significant parts of their lives. Don’t permit the threat of poor health because of smoking deprive you of this contentment.

If you want to stop smoking you do not need to do it alone. Make the most of a few of the stop smoking resources that are available, like support groups, which you’ll find throughout the world. You can also get several stop smoking aids, such as patches, gum and sprays to alleviate the cravings and withdrawal discomforts. You can also get things like hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming to change your mind set to smoking. In actual fact, it does not matter so much how you quit smoking simply that you do give up smoking.

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